"Everything that we do is centered on creating the finest and most innovative dispensers on the market at a fair price."

Company Overview

FST is a supplier of a wide range of innovative dispensers, sprayers and pumps to the personal care, cosmetics, fragrance, home and garden industries. Innovation and customization are the key driving forces for FST Dispensing Technologies. We offer a number of standard items but are also able to create high-end and unique packaging solutions for those customers that have specific requirements. With a team of designers and engineers committed to providing the best dispensing items possible, we are pioneers in balancing creativity and technology.

Part of the Fasten Group, FST emerged out of a completely apparent need for brands to be able to depend upon a responsible and effective dispensing partner. Leveraging the capabilities of the Group, we are able to deliver low-cost, high-quality dispensing solutions quickly and with very little risk. Our dispensers are thoroughly tested prior to being shipped and incorporating them into a line requires little re-calibration. Our primary goal at FST is to make purchasing dispensers as quick and as painless as possible.

  • Innovative

    All of our products are developed at our facilities by engineers and designers working in tandem, combining creativity and technical expertise. We totally focus on dispensing technology and constantly drive to find new ways to improve familiar paradigms. For companies that require something truly unique, we also offer bespoke solutions based on our most recent developments.

  • High Quality

    A dispenser cannot fail when a consumer uses it. Failure negatively impacts the chance of a repeat purchase. We eliminate that possibility by offering world class solutions that have been thoroughly tested and re-tested, minimizing the risk of failure. It's almost contradictory, but if the consumer doesn't notice that he or she is using our product, we're doing our job properly. We make the product shine!

  • Low Risk

    Trying something new can be scary, so everything we produce goes through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure AQL adherence according to the international ISO 2859-1 standard. Our dispensers arrive on time and within budget, thanks to our efficient and extensive logistic network, and incorporating them into a line requires minimal re-calibration or down time while switching over.

  • Low Cost

    We don't skimp on materials, manufacturing, or testing. Instead, we operate a lean organization comprised of talented, focused professionals that deliver superlative solutions. Our production facilities are located in Asia and offer the most efficient service in the world today. As such, we can offer inexpensive dispensing solutions without sacrificing the level of quality our customers expect.



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