July / 2017

Foamers now occupy a solid place in the personal care sector

Foamers are being used more and more by a number of international brands to top their personal care products. Dispensing as foam right from the container was virtually unheard of until the mid-80s when hair-care brands starting selling mousse, allowing consumers to create more elaborate hairstyles with a lot of volume. The liquid, however, was made into a foam by using an aerating propellant. Modern foamers, such as the excellent models offered by FST, do not.

More and more, companies are recognizing the benefits of foamers, with brands offering them to satisfy clear consumer demand.

Foamers are generally cost effective, they are able to dispense less product while still remaining completely effective. Consumers generally wind up spending less on individual purchases, but wind up spending more in the long run as the level of repeat purchases increases. The amount dispensed can be set to a level appropriate to product, whether it's hand soap, a hair product, a skin treatment, or anything else. Thanks to FST's focus on providing a flawless home experience, brand loyalty tends to increase.

When foamers dispense liquid soaps, consumers don't need to mix water and the product together to create lather. Hence, consumers use less water when washing up, leading to a higher level of eco-sensitivity. Foamers can also use diluted rather than concentrated liquids, meaning the product works in the same fashion, but uses up less each time.

Foamers are definitely here to stay, and FST has always been a proponent of the technology, so much so that the company several models depending on the end use the brand wishes to give the product.