July / 2017

FST offers dry powder dispensers providing perfect, easy-to-use coverage

When people think of powder personal care or cosmetic products, they tend to think immediately of things like talc or products applied with brushes or sponges, such as foundation, eye shadow, or blush. There are also the more treatment-oriented products like foot or skin sprays. The truth is, however, that there are numerous products that can be applied directly as powders and they are gaining popularity, especially among younger consumers that are often more willing to try new paradigms.

The powder dispenser offered by FST can spray fine powders quickly and efficiently, providing full coverage of all sorts of fine powders that would otherwise be difficult to apply. Many cosmetic powders now include additions such as glitter or micropigments, and rather than force the consumer to go through the laborious process of applying the product manually, the powder dispensers provide smooth, even coverage.

The dispensing system can handle all sorts of powder consistencies, from the incredibly thin fines to larger, more granular media. The pumps can be paired with all sorts of bottles, but FST recommends using a container with an interior grade on the bottom that can assist in getting the product to the dip tube for dispensing.

Whether the product to be dispensed is a decorative hair tint for a party, a sparkly glitter skin finisher, or any sort of OTC treatment for feet, FST's powder dispensers ensure only the best coverage and ease of use.