October / 2017

FST's high viscosity pump for organic particles and viscous fluids

With an increasing number of cosmetic and personal care formulations on the market which include natural particles in their organic state, dispensing technology has excelled in order to meet the needs of the consumer that demands a dispenser to exact out product dosage.

FST's high viscosity pump has been designed especially for the most viscous formulations as well as those which include natural residue or small masses within the product formula.

Formulations are not one-type-fits-all, they come in different viscosities and many cosmetic brands have emerged onto the beauty scene utilizing natural and organic ingredients. These formulations have been difficult to dispense with pumps as the dip tube and pump can both block easily.

FST has the solution for these formulations with its high viscosity pump designed especially to avoid such problems. FST's high viscosity pump incorporates a wider tube to ensure that the product can travel through easily and the dispenser too ensures easy product evacuation ready to apply.

Whether the product formulation is viscid or has irregular particles, FST's high viscosity pump can easily dose out the product throughout its life to ensure consumer satisfaction.