May / 2017

FST's non-contacting pumps guarantee maximum hygiene and compatibility

One of the biggest issues facing packaging manufacturers is that of formula compatibility. Different product formulations can affect their containers and dispensing systems in various ways, from tinting the product to causing increased brittleness in the plastic used for the product's container. FST removes one more concern with regard to compatibility by offering lotion dispensing pumps with the actuator spring kept totally separate from the outgoing product flow.

By not being in contact with the product at any time, the metal of the actuator spring does not react negatively with the formulation, thereby eliminating possible tinting of the product around the spring. It also ensures that a combination of oxygen, metal, and liquid does not occur, thereby guaranteeing there is no oxidation around the spring. The level of harmful bacteria in the dispensing system are, therefore, fairly reduced.

Another advantage of non-contacting dispensers is the simple fact that they tend not to clog as easily. There is no build-up on the spring which means it can continue to move and actuate in the same manner from the first day right through to evacuating the last bit of product. Less points of failure means a better usage experience for consumers, eliminating barriers to repurchase.

With FST's non-contacting pumps, products remain pristine and hygienic throughout their time in consumer homes, making the pumps a safe bet for all sorts of personal care and beauty lines.