November / 2017

New high viscosity dispensing incorporates a trigger for more ease of use

Formulations offered by leading brands often need to be adapted to the narrow parameters of dispensers on the market. To date, dispensers that can handle a wide range of viscosities have been extremely rare or unseemly. FST has effectively solved the issue by releasing a new high viscosity trigger sprayer that can tackle just about any product thickness while still dispensing evenly, smoothly, and fluidly.

The new dispensers offered by FST can handle most substances that are normally dispensed in a liquid format. Creams and gels, no matter how thick, can be processed by the high viscosity triggers, spreading an even amount of product over the desired application area.

FST's original high viscosity pump incorporates a wider tube to ensure that the product can travel through easily and the dispenser too ensures easy product evacuation ready to apply. By combining that excellent dispensing solution with an easy to use trigger, consumers enjoy a simple and effective means to use products quickly and easily.

Each pull of the ergonomically superior trigger dispenses just the right amount or product and can be set according to the viscosity of the formula. Using less raw materials than other solutions on the market, the triggers combine better dispensing with a smaller CO2 footprint so that companies can feel comfortable in offering consumers the best usage experience possible.