October / 2017

Superdrug elects FST's sprayers for sun protection line

Providing a wide range of innovative dispensers, FST was the natural choice when Superdrug sought spray closures for its sun protection line. FST provided the British high street chain with the ideal sprayers to ensure consumer's skin safeguarding in the sun.

Superdrug's products included sun oil and sun sprays for skin and hair. FST's sprayers were chosen in a semi-transparent plastic option for the sun spray options and a dark tan for the sun oils which was color matched to the bottle. All of the sprayers benefit a ribbed finish neck that emphasize the sprayer atop the bottle, contrasting perfectly with the satin finish of the actuator and the bottle.

"Superdrug came to FST looking for sprayers which would work for its sun protection products. We suggested different spray options which would would provide an even spray coverage for both oil and lotion, ensuring skin protection for the consumer as well as customer satisfaction for ease of use and safe fun in the sun."

FST's sprayer options deliver high quality dispensing for products of different viscositites. FST's focus is on dispensing technology, ensuring that there is a perfect dispenser to suit every product type.